Meet Bethany


My Story

  • I'm Bethany Grace the founder of Woods & White. I am an Australian, Gold Coast based skin care maker with a passion for all things business, brows and organic beauty.
  • I started making skincare in 2009 on my parents farm in McKees Hill near Lismore when I was 12 years of age. I launched 'Bethany Grace Skincare' along with a website I built the following year and started selling my products at markets and skincare parties. As I was so young I was very open to advice from everyone and also made a few appearances in my favourite teenage magazines like TOTALGIRL and GIRLFRIEND.

    • Over the years I spent many years self studying aromatherapy and the cosmetic industry, I studied a degree in business, did a certificate in fitness and worked a job alongside my study and hobbies to the position of being a retail store manager.


    • My business and my job also helped me have an amazing experience where I won a few awards with the apprentice of the year training awards put on by the Australian Government. With this process I became an apprenticeships ambassador for the Australian government. I was so blessed to have heaps of speaking opportunities and I also got to travel Australia telling my story of my business and upbringing to university students, school students, other trainees and apprentices, company ceo's at conferences, parliament house and even a skills forum on the ABC. I won a few other awards as well as Australian Young Achiever of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year at Southern Cross University Australia.

      • Throughout all these life experiences over the 10 years I tried different brand images and styles of products. I guess I tried to find my identity in the challenging world of teenage-hood through my business. I even made an appearance on Shark Tank which was a little cringe to say the least, but nevertheless an experience that I soaked up. I was looking for a mentor and that's just what I came out with

        Woods & White

        I rebranded, renamed the business and moved to the Gold Coast after marrying the love of my life, Joel. My reason for rebranding was that, for so long I listened to so many outside opinions of my business -and don't get me wrong a certain amount of feedback is generally healthy, but too much and you can lose yourself especially as a young teenager. I wanted to trust my gut instinct, trust that I have good taste and that if I love it enough and I focus on 100% delivering a product that I adore then my clients will love it as much as me. My clients can see the passion, and it shows in my services and my skincare range..
        That is my philosophy behind my brand. simple, authentic, straight from my heart, clean and beautiful.